2000 Reunion Dinner Officers Club Ft. Jackson S.C.(names on yahoo members link)Yahoo Club Members
"2002 Reunion Dinner, Welk Resort Theater, Branson MO. (names posted on the Yahoo Members Link). Yahoo Club Members



Reunion 2000 DinnerTable 2: Upper Frame
L to R: (Standing) Barb Bell & Vickie Lerfald
L to R: Kathy Ryan Smith, Jim Ryan, Juanitta Martin, Evelyn Fagerlin, Pat Hill & oops, Joe Hill, out of camera range
Table 4: Lower Frame
L to R: (Standing) Dr. Ellen & Art Gussaroff
L to R: Betty & Tony Borrelli, Carol & Terry Rohr
At Reunion 2000 and 2002 Keyboard 62nd MRU/DPU's Very own, 5/57-11/58. "Panama Hats" Tony and Betty Borrelli

Upper Frame: 3 Former Canal Zone Educators
L to R: Bob & Martha Dahlstrom and Jean Liebner
Lower Frame: Table Five
In Background (L) Shirley Fransen & (R) Roger Fransen
L to R: Dick & Kazia Chamberlain and Connie & Roger Carbone
L to R: Stan Bochniak, Ronn Hoover, Jon & Myra Steele
From our Reunion 2000 Dinner, Officer's Club, Ft. Jackson, SC

Table One (Upper Frame)
L to R: Don Liebner, Harry Wister, Jim & Daisy Campbell, and ( a
surprised) Jean Liebner

Table One (Lower Frame)
L to R: Don Liebner, Bob & Martha Dahlstrom, Audrey & Harry Wister, Jim
& Daisy Campbell